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Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #640 (VF-)

Amazing Spider-Man #640 (VF-)

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Amazing Spider-Man #589 (VF-) Stock Image

Written by JOE QUESADA Penciled by PAOLO MANUEL RIVERA & JOE QUESADA Covers by PAOLO MANUEL RIVERA Spidey Sunday Feature by STAN LEE & MARCOS MARTIN Variant Cover by JOE QUESADA Sketch Variant by JOE QUESADA Women of Marvel Variant by JELENA KEVIC-DJURDJEVIC This is it! The startling conclusion to ONE MOMENT IN TIME! How did the world REALLY forget Peter Parker was Spider-Man? And what does the future hold for Peter & Mary Jane? Every question is answered, the past laid to rest, and Spider-Man swings into a new direction for the future! 40 PGS. (each)/Rated A

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