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DC Comics

Gnorts Illustrated Swimsuit Edition #1 Tago da Silva Virgin Variant (8/29/23)

Gnorts Illustrated Swimsuit Edition #1 Tago da Silva Virgin Variant (8/29/23)

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Gnorts Illustrated Swimsuit Edition #1 Tago da Silva Virgin Variant (8/29/23)

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FUN IN THE SUN STARRING...G'NORT! Art by Paul Pelletier- Nicola Scott- Mikel Janin- Jeff Dekal- Daniel Sampere- Gleb Melnikov- Derrick Chew- Stanley Artgerm Lau- Emanuela Lupacchino- Joelle Jones- Megan Huang- Terry Dodson- Babs Tarr- Pete Woods- Joe Quinones- Helene Lenoble- Otto Schimdt- Michael Allred- Sweeney Boo- David Talaski- Jenny Frison- and others! You may know G'nort as the bumbling Green Lantern who protects Space Sector 68. Then again- you may not know G'nort at all. Whatever the case- get ready to see him in his newest role as host and proprietor of this very special swimsuit edition comic! Join our favorite fuzzball as he showcases some of our best swimsuit covers and our most swim-tacular stories! From the Flash in a Speed Force Speedo to Batman in a bat(hing) suit- this very special one-shot is summer fun from (bikini) top to (bikini) bottom. Also collecting some of the steamiest swimsuit covers from DC's best talent- all in one place for the very first time!
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