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Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics Presents #31

Marvel Comics Presents #31

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Havok part 8 of 8 "A Heart Attacked"Black Panther part 19 of 25Coldblood part 6 of 10Excalibur part 1 of 8: "Having a Wild Weekend" During a long-awaited weekend of relax, Kitty Pryde's computer goes crazy, and from his monitor jump out a gang of cartoon characters, who start to fight Excalibur team.

Stock Image. Unless otherwise noted, this will have a few minor defects and fall into the VF condition. Most comics, magazines, and books published in the past 30 years that have been read but carefully handled and stored will fall in this grade range. Allowed defects for this grade include: minor corner wear (bends and blunting), a light accumulation of spine wear that may include color-breaking stresses, a light accumulation of dents, and bends or folds less than one quarter inch in length. Some color breaking is allowed in a bend or fold in this grade range.

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