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Marvel Comics

Silver Surfer Rebirth Tp

Silver Surfer Rebirth Tp

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(W) Ron Marz (A/CA) Ron Lim. Ron Marz and Ron Lim return to the Sentinel of the Spaceways with a new tale of cosmic adventure set during their classic 1990s SILVER SURFER run! When the Reality Gem is stolen from safekeeping by an unknown antagonist* the resulting chaos attracts the attention of Thanos and the Mad Titan seeks the aid of the Surfer to recover the gem! As reality fractures around them* Norrin must do the unthinkable and ally himself with his bitter enemy. The unlikely duo will cross paths with familiar faces including Nebula* Jack of Hearts* Galactus and the original (and long-dead) Kree Captain Mar-Vell! But will even the awesome power of the Silver Surfer and Thanos be enough to restore order to the Marvel Universe? Or will doing so mean a galaxy where the Surfer never existed? Collecting SILVER SURFER REBIRTH #1-5. Rated T+

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