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Marvel Comics

X-Men By Jonathan Hickman Tp Vol 03

X-Men By Jonathan Hickman Tp Vol 03

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(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Phil Noto, More (CA) Leinil Francis Yu. One era ends and a new one begins as Jonathan Hickman's acclaimed run enters the Reign of X! In the wake of the Earth-shattering events of X OF SWORDS* the Captain Commander of Krakoa makes a fateful decision that will affect all the island-nation's residents! And when the Shi'ar Empire asks the X-Men for help* Cyclops* Storm and Marvel Girl answer the call! Elsewhere* the door to the Vault swings open at last. But time moves differently inside the Vault and for the beings who emerge* it's been a very* very long time since they entered! And Krakoa's future is at stake when one of mutantkind's greatest threats re-emerges: Nimrod is online! Then* it's time for the Hellfire Gala and a changing of the guard* as Krakoa's very first team of elected X-Men debuts! Collecting X-MEN (2019) #16-20. Rated T+

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