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Marvel Comics

New Mutants Epic Collection Tp Sudden Death

New Mutants Epic Collection Tp Sudden Death

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(W) Louise Simonson, More (A) Bret Blevins, More (CA) Bret Blevins. Tragedy strikes the New Mutants! Meet Bird-Brain* a bizarre creature who's about to become the team's feathered friend. The New Mutants face off against their rivals* the Hellions* to track Bird-Brain down but before the quest is done* one of them will switch sides! And there's worse in store for the team as they trace Bird-Brain's origins back to the freak-filled island of the Ani-Mator. Between Ani-Mator's weird science and the armored killers of the Right* one of the New Mutants will not return home! Shattered by grief* guilt and loss* how can the team possibly move forward? The New Mutants clash with Freedom Force* and the alluring alien Gosamyr draws the team into an outer space adventure. But as Illyana's rage grows* there's trouble brewing in Limbo. Collecting NEW MUTANTS (1983) #55-70 and ANNUAL #4. 464 PGS./Rated T

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