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Omac One Man Army Corps By Jack Kirby Tp

Omac One Man Army Corps By Jack Kirby Tp

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One of Jack Kirby's final projects for DC Comics in the 1970s presents a dystopian future in which ordinary people are pushed to violence to relieve their stress* and a corporate nobody called Buddy Blank is recruited by the Global Peace Agency to become the super-powered being known as OMAC- the One Man Army Corps. In these tales from the 1970s* Jack Kirby introduces OMAC! Powered by the sentient satellite known as Brother Eye* OMAC has been charged by the Global Peace Agency with stopping the evil schemes of power-hungry millionaires who seek to exploit those less fortunate than them. It's a vision of the future unlike any you've seen before! OMAC: One Man Army Corps by Jack Kirby collects the complete eight-issue Kirby OMAC saga* along with an introduction by Kirby!

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