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Marvel Comics

Iron Man War Machine Tp

Iron Man War Machine Tp

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(W) Len Kaminski (A) Kevin Hopgood & Various (CA) Kevin Hopgood. Written by LEN KAMINSKI Penciled by KEVIN HOPGOOD* TOM MORGAN & SCOTT BENSON Cover by KEVIN HOPGOOD We've seen Tony Stark go down and get back up many times but from the grave?! When his longtime employer and friend seemingly loses his struggle to hold onto life* Jim Rhodes dons the new War Machine armor and shows the world what's black and white and fed up all over! Can even cutting-edge Stark-tech withstand Firepower* Atom Smasher and the Living Laser? And while Rhodes is filling Stark's boots* what's up with the empty armor zipping around? Guest-starring the West Coast Avengers! Collecting IRON MAN #280-291. 320 PGS./All Ages ...$29.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-3132-8

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