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Marvel Comics

Guardians Team-Up Tp Vol 01 Guardians Assemble

Guardians Team-Up Tp Vol 01 Guardians Assemble

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(W/A) Various (CA) Arthur Adams. The Guardians of the Galaxy meet the Marvel Universe's heaviest hitters in this titanic tome of team-ups! First* it's a cosmic threat so massive it'll take both the Guardians and the Avengers to stop it! But when the likes of Gamora* Black Widow* Hawkeye and Rocket Raccoon are forced to problem-solve together* only one thing is guaranteed: destruction! And when the Black Vortex strikes the Kree Empire* Ronan the Accuser must battle alongside the Guardians! Then* intergalactic bounty hunters are hired to target a tough* green* mean powerhouse but there are two Marvel heroines who fit that description. And now Gamora and She-Hulk are both fighting mad! And finally* Rocket Raccoon must team up with the Pet Avengers* much to his dismay* to face some truly fowl villains! Collecting GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #1-5 and TAILS OF THE PET AVENGERS #1. Rated T+

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