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Marvel Comics

Rocket Raccoon Tp Vol 02 Storytailer

Rocket Raccoon Tp Vol 02 Storytailer

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(W/A) Various (CA) TBD. Rocket Raccoon continues his quest to try to fix his* bad calls* but as a stranger stalks him from the shadows* he just might cause a cosmic calamity on the dreaded Winter Planet! Then* what happens when you water Groot a little too much? Grootzilla! He's faster than a speeding Rocket* more powerful than Drax the Destroyer* able to eat tall buildings in a single gulp and he's not happy! And Rocket's skills will be put to the ultimate test as he challenges everything he's known about himself. Does the Book of Half-World the mythical text of Rocket's early adventures actually exist* or was it all a big hoax? Is Rocket really the last of his kind? Find out once and for all* right here! Collecting ROCKET RACCOON (2014) #7-11. Rated T

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