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Marvel Comics

X-Men Tp Rise Of Apocalypse

X-Men Tp Rise Of Apocalypse

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(W/A) Various (CA) Adam Pollina. Follow the epic journey of a baby from ancient Egypt* cast out for the color of his pale blue skin* as he rises through the ages to become humanity's greatest enemy! Rescued and raised to believe in the survival of the fittest* the child of destiny known as En Sabah Nur is targeted by the pharaoh's scheming vizier Ozymandias and the time-traveling Rama-Tut! Millennia later* join timetorn Cyclops and Phoenix in the 19th century* caught between Apocalypse and Mister Sinister! Then discover the centuries-old rivalry between two dark lords: En Sabah Nur and Dracula himself! And in the Middle Ages* Apocalypse pits Exodus against the Black Knight! It's the hidden history of Apocalypse in one time-twisting tome! Collecting RISE OF APOCALYPSE #1-4* FURTHER ADVENTURES OF CYCLOPS & PHOENIX #1-4* X-MEN: APOCALYPSE/DRACULA #1-4* BLACK KNIGHT: EXODUS and FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #19. Rated T+

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