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Marvel Comics

Spidey Tp Vol 01 First Day

Spidey Tp Vol 01 First Day

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(W) Robbie Thompson (A) Nick Bradshaw, Andre Araujo (CA) Nick Bradshaw. Think you know everything about Peter Parker? Think again! Expect action* adventure and hilarity in equal measure as we head back to high school to explore Pete's early days! Modern talent combines with the classic Marvel flavor to present the web-slinger's wonder years in truly amazing* spectacular* sensational style. It's a return to the hassles of overdue homework* not knowing how to talk to girls and a never-ending merry-go-round of madness courtesy of the best rogues' gallery in comics! We're talking Doctor Octopus* Sandman* the Vulture and...Doctor Doom! But could our young hero ever be ready for an arch-nemesis like the Green Goblin? With these and more faces from Peter's past both familiar and surprising you'll remember what made Spider-Man the world's greatest hero in the first place! Collecting SPIDEY #1-6. Rated T

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