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DC Comics

Sixpack & Dogwelder Hard-Travelin Heroz #1 (Of 6)

Sixpack & Dogwelder Hard-Travelin Heroz #1 (Of 6)

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(W) Garth Ennis (A) Russell Braun (CA) Steve Dillon. In the tradition of the original Hard-Traveling Heroes* Green Lantern and Green Arrow* Sixpack and Dogwelder are ready to bring their allegedly socially aware brand of justice to the lands beyond Gotham City! After the events of ALL-STAR SECTION EIGHT* Sixpack is fighting to keep what's left of his team together. Dogwelder has gone in search of his past* while newlyweds Bueno Excellente and Guts are dealing with some fidelity issues. Could Section Eight be done for good? But everything changes when a mysterious trenchcoat-wearing chain smoker offers our favorite dog enthusiast some clues about his true nature. Is Dogwelder everything he seems? Or is he meant for something greater?

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