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Marvel Comics

Mighty Thor Tp Vol 02 Lords Of Midgard

Mighty Thor Tp Vol 02 Lords Of Midgard

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(W) Jason Aaron (A) Russell Dauterman & Various (CA) Russell Dauterman. The legend continues with Thors new and old! Loki spins a special ages-old tale of a young Odinson in action against a hulking great enemy. You wouldn't like this Viking when he's angry! But what incredible impact will this yarn from the past have on the present? Prepare for corporate espionage* Marvel-style* as some of the world's most powerful and evil conglomerates go to war with Thor caught in the middle! And as if Roxxon and the rest aren't enough trouble* Jane Foster must contend with a new enemy: S.H.I.E.L.D.! Whose side is Agent Roz Solomon on? Worse still* millions of lives will depend on the God of Thunder saving Roxxon's evil executive* Dario Agger! All this and...Exterminatrix and Silver Samurai?! Collecting MIGHTY THOR (2015) #6-12. Rated T+

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