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Bloom County Library Sc Book 01

Bloom County Library Sc Book 01

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(W/A) Berkeley Breathed. Running from December 8th* 1980* to August 6th* 1989* Bloom County was published in an astounding 1*200 newspapers on a daily basis. Bloom County Library: Book One is the first of five editions collecting the Pulitzer Prize- and Eisner Award-winning comic strip in its entirety. The first book introduces the beloved Opus the Penguin* as well as Bill the Cat* Cutter John* Michael Binkley* Milo Bloom* Steve Dallas* and others. This volume also contains insightful commentary by Berkeley Breathed on his quirky creations. Every strip* from the very first until the last* are presented here in chronologically. You'll never have a better chance to revisit these old friends or to discover them for the first time.

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