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Future State Sdark Detective Tp

Future State Sdark Detective Tp

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In the not-too-distant future* a sinister force has invaded the city of Gotham* and it's a power unlike any the Bat-Family has faced before. The Magistrate controls everything* and their constant surveillance leaves Gothamites with nowhere to hide...even in their own homes. Where did the Magistrate come from? And who can stop them? To make matters worse* in their path to total takeover* the Magistrate has killed Batman! Or have they? With Bruce Wayne off the grid* it's up to his remaining friends and allies to help stave off the brutality of the Magistrate-or die trying! This action-packed volume of the Future State saga collects Future State: Dark Detective #1-4* Future State: Red Hood #1-2* Future State: Batman/Superman #1-2* Future State: Catwoman #1-2* Future State: Harley Quinn #1-2* and Future State: Robin Eternal #1-2.

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