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Marvel Comics

What If Classic Complete Collection Tp Vol 02

What If Classic Complete Collection Tp Vol 02

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(W) Roy Thomas & Various (A) John Buscema & Various (CA) Herb Trimpe. Classic tales of boundless imagination from the Marvel Multiverse! Uatu the Watcher asks some of the biggest "What if?" questions of all beginning with what if Conan the Barbarian walked the Earth today?! Join Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos in space! Consider the possibilities if someone else had become Nova! And find out what would have happened if Ghost Rider* Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel had remained villains! Stephen Strange becomes a disciple of Dormammu* Spider-Man stops the burglar before Uncle Ben is killed* and the Avengers fight the Kree/Skrull War without Rick Jones! But can you visualize a world in which Susan Storm marries Namor* the Sub-Mariner? Or one in which Doctor Doom becomes a hero? Plus: What if the Hulk's girlfriend Jarella didn't die? And what if the radioactive spider bit Aunt May?! Collecting WHAT IF? (1977) #13-15 and #17-23. Rated T

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