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Marvel Comics

Tomb Of Dracula Tp Day Of Blood Night Of Redemption

Tomb Of Dracula Tp Day Of Blood Night Of Redemption

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(W) Marv Wolfman (A/CA) Gene Colan. Experience Dracula's terrifying return in this lavishly illustrated tale of horror! Supernatural dream team Marv Wolfman* Gene Colan and Al Williamson reopen the Tomb of Dracula in this prestige-format series for Marvel's Epic imprint collected for the first time! Dracula is dead but his last living descendant* Frank Drake* is being manipulated by a shadowy occult investigator who plans to revive the lord of the vampires! But when Dracula comes roaring back to life* can Blade the Vampire Hunter be far behind? The vampire king is once again free to stalk the Earth* but the world has changed much in his absence. As Dracula targets Frank's wife and concocts a gruesome scheme to obtain power via human sacrifice* can Drake* Blade and their ragtag band return him to his eternal grave? Collecting TOMB OF DRACULA (1991) #1-4. Parental Advisory

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