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Marvel Comics

Marvel Two-In-One Tp Vol 01 Fate Of The Four

Marvel Two-In-One Tp Vol 01 Fate Of The Four

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A classic title from Marvels storied history is back at last and its fantastic! With Reed and Sue Richards gone and presumed dead, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm reunite in a bid to find their new place in the Marvel Universe. But something is wrong with the Human Torch, and only the Thing can help him! And what monumental secret has Victor Von Doom been hiding and how will it completely change the lives of Ben and Johnny?! Prepare for things to go Multiversal as the Thing and the Torch explore the Fate of the Four! Its the reunion youve been waiting for well, half of it, at least in the worlds new greatest comic magazine! Collecting MARVEL 2-IN-ONE (2017) #1-6. Rated T

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