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Marvel Comics

Ultimate Comics X-Men By Brian Wood Tp Vol 01

Ultimate Comics X-Men By Brian Wood Tp Vol 01

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(W) Brian Wood, Nathan Edmondson (A) Paco Medina & Various (CA) Dave Johnson. Brian Wood (DMZ* Star Wars* X-MEN) takes the helm as "Reservation X" begins* and a brave new world for the nation's surviving mutants starts here! Kitty Pryde tries to lead a nation of mutants* but someone close to her has different plans! Meet Mach Two* former Morlock tunnel refugee turned mutant resistance fighter! Will she side with Kitty* or become a dangerous new enemy? The mutants might hold the key to solving world hunger* but what is the deadly cost? And as the Iron Patriot guest-stars* Mach Two's play for power takes a new turn and leads to a fatal showdown! Collecting ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #18.1 & #19-22.

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