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Marvel Comics

Ghost Rider Tp Vol 02 Shadow County

Ghost Rider Tp Vol 02 Shadow County

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Benjamin Percy's run on Ghost Rider continues, and Johnny Blaze encounters none other than Wolverine! Theres somebody else out there like Johnny Blaze, who knows what it means to suffer to feel sickened by the pain theyve inflicted on the world. His name is Logan. After the motorcycle rally at Hells Backbone, Wolverine and Ghost Rider are brought together but are they enemies or allies in the war against the shadow country? Meanwhile, theres a new splinter group within the F.B.I. charged with quelling the rise in supernatural activity in the country, helmed by Agent Talia Warroad. Shes aiming to enlist the dangerous power of the Spirit of Vengeance! Plus, still reeling from his time in Haydens Falls, Blaze seeks the counsel of a seer named Necro the Tattooist, who uses his needle to bring dark truths to the surface about the legacy of the Ghost Rider! Rated T+

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