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Marvel Comics

Luke Cage Tp Vol 02 Second Chances

Luke Cage Tp Vol 02 Second Chances

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(W/A) Various (CA) Dwayne Turner. The Hero for Hire's solo career has been tough and it ain't getting any easier! His new foe* Coldfire* is too close for comfort and by the end of this battle* the ex-Power Man is gonna get burned! In competition with Silver Sable and Terror* Luke battles not for love* nor money* but for the mystical object known as Vatsayana's Tryst! When the Infinity Crusade strikes the Marvel Universe* the Crusader seizes his big moment to strike. Luke may be bulletproof* but how about swords? And the Bogeyman is coming and when Luke falls under his spell* only the Thing and the Human Torch may be able to stop his rampage! It's the end of an era for Luke Cage! Collecting CAGE (1992) #13-20* TERROR INC. (1992) #11-12 and material from SILVER SABLE & THE WILD PACK #13-14. Rated T

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